Become an Affiliated Park

Enjoy America! is a network of the nation's highest quality open-to the public campgrounds that have agreed to provide our 40,000 plus RV members with exceptional service and a great value on their vacant sites. We are actively recruiting the best campgrounds in North America to participate in our program. To qualify, your campground must have an above average rating with one or more of the national ratings programs and must consistently deliver outstanding customer service.

Our program allows you to make money on empty sites
that otherwise would create zero revenue.

There is no cost and no risk to participate in our program. You only need to agree to offer our members a 50% discount on at least one night's stay. This can be the second or third night, Sunday through Thursday or during off-peak season. Our program is designed to send you customers year-round, but you only need to offer a discount when your park is running at less than full. You may also choose to allow additional discounts and savings or require a minimum stay for other offered discounts. We can work with any situation you have. When today is over, campsites that are not rented out will represent a loss that you can't ever recover. This is our pitch, "incremental revenue is better than no revenue."

Our members enjoy knowing that we have identified great parks, this makes their travel planning easier and worry free. Plus, we offer a toll-free reservation service to our members. We can book members directly into your park either using a number of sites you assign to us, or we can give you a call. Or, you can choose to have members call you direct or simply drive up. That choice is up to you!

Simply fill out this one-page park application (pdf) and scan and email it to or mail it to Enjoy America!, 2901 Cherry Ave, Signal Hill, CA 90755.

For more information please contact Kerwin Pyle at (888) 643-6569 ext. 141.

Additional Benefits Available

Revenue Sharing on Enrollment & Renewals – create extra revenue with each new member you refer that joins Enjoy America! Plus, you'll also receive a commission each year when that member renews.

Member Pays Enrollment Commission Renewal Commission
$39.95 1 year membership $25 $20
$69.90 2 year membership $35 $25

It's Easy to Start Earning!

Common Questions

Who receives the commissions?
The commissions are paid to the park.

How often are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid quarterly and we will include a list of the members that enrolled and/or renewed. Please allow 30 days after the quarter end to receive your commission payment.

How will I know if a member renewed?
Each member enrolled through your park is flagged so that the system will automatically track renewal payments each year. You will receive a report each quarter listing renewals for the prior quarter.

What is a W-9 and why do you need it?
IRS guidelines require us to send you a 1099 at the end of the year for any commissions paid. In order for us to submit a check for payment, we must have a W-9 on file.

How will you know that my park signed up a member?
You will be assigned a source code for your campground. As long as this code is used when the member signs up (either online, via mail, or over the phone), their account will be flagged for commission. We will supply you with brochures to hand out and recommend that you enter the code onto each of these brochures prior to handing them out.

For more information contact us at:

(888) 643-6569
Kerwin Pyle ext. 141

Park application (pdf)
Park agreement (pdf)
W-9 (pdf)