Enjoy America! Membership Terms and Conditions

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  1. Enjoy America! is owned and operated by MHC Resort Parks Limited Partnership.
  2. Enjoy America!  is a network of open to the public campgrounds that offer discounts to Enjoy America! members. This discount may vary, but is up to 50% off one or more nights.
  3. Enjoy America! utilizes its publications as a vehicle through which it provides information and lists all services to Enjoy America! members.
  4. The annual renewal fee is $39.95.
  5. There is no obligation to renew the Enjoy America! membership.
  6. All reservations at Enjoy America! campgrounds depend upon the availability of sites and requests can only be confirmed if space is available. Therefore, Enjoy America! cannot guarantee that a member will receive an RV site.
  7. Members are responsible for the payment of any expenses incurred as well as damages caused by them or their guests while visiting an Enjoy America! park.
  8. The terms and conditions of membership in Enjoy America! may be changed from time to time, including without limitation, annual dues and other fees, benefits, services and discounts offered, and priorities and procedures for making reservations. Members are notified of changes in the Enjoy America! campground directory and at (www.enjoy-america.net), and in other notices to members. Representations made other than in these publications are not binding on Enjoy America!. Current publications supersede all prior publications. All discounts and services provided by other than Enjoy America! are subject to change without notice. Fees, if any, charged by campgrounds for the use of amenities are determined by each campground. These fees may differ among campgrounds.
  9. In the event Enjoy America! has confirmed a reservation for a member and the confirmed reservation is not available because of fire, storm, earthquake or any other natural disaster or an act of God or other reason beyond Enjoy America!’s control, the member waives any claims against Enjoy America!.
  10. All published campground information has been obtained from the respective campgrounds, and to the best of Enjoy America!’s knowledge, it is accurate and complete. Enjoy America! is not responsible for errors of commission or omission.
  11. The membership agreement between the member and Enjoy America! shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, and venue for any action at law or in equity pursuant to that agreement shall be in Los Angeles County, California.
  12. Enjoy America! materials are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any form by photocopy or other means, without prior written permission from Enjoy America!.
  13. Any representations concerning the Enjoy America! program is limited to materials supplied or otherwise approved by Enjoy America!. Any other representations are not valid or binding upon Enjoy America!.
  14. Enjoy America! cannot guarantee that any particular park or campground will always be a part of the Enjoy America! program.
  15. The rates published on the Enjoy America! website and in the Enjoy America! campground directory were accurate at the time of printing, but are subject to change without notice.